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Hydroseeding Contractors UK


Goroots are hydroseeding experts based in the UK. We specialise in Hydroseeding which is a simple process involving spraying a mixture of grass seed, mulch, fertilizer as a slurry onto a prepared surface.

The guidance for optimum Hydroseeding are:

  • The more mulch applied the better the results
  • Savings on seed quality and quantity makes poor results
  • The better the mulch the better the result
  • Watering makes for faster germination
  • It can take quite some time for the seeds to germinate especially with some seed mixes.

We at Goroots Hydroseeding know all this so we:

  • Apply mulch at the highest rate possible
  • Use the best seed and apply it at the highest rate recommended by the seed house
  • Use only Quality designed mulch produced by reliable sustainable manufacturers
  • Use the best hydro seeding equipment

If you do all of the above, Hydroseeding works, if you don't it wont.


Oxford Balancing Pond before Hydroseeding by GorootsOxford Balancing Pond After Hydroseeding


Goroots offers a contracting service for hydroseeding.
We can generally give on the spot prices for our hydroseeding (also known as 'hydroseed') and are happy to make site visits where needed.


Hydroseeding-an explanation.

What goes into the hydroseeding mix?


There are two basic types of mulch and a number of specialised products. We have tried all of them, some good, some not.

1. Wood Fibre

This is a product made from virgin trees, the tree fibres are shredded using knives. This preserves the structure and allows for the cells to take up and retain moisture which is the point of Hydroseeding. 100% wood mulch from sustainable forests is the Rolls Royce of Hydroseeding. Needless to say we use it.

2. Cellulose or Paper

This is made from the waste from paper recycling for insulation or fire protection. This has many disadvantages for use in Hydro seeding and only one advantage. The major problem with this product is that it can only be applied very thinly because in dry weather it sets so hard that the seeds cannot penetrate it nor can rain water be absorbed. Being made from waste newspaper it also contains many chemicals from the printing process.

The Advantage? It's cheap. 

Other types

There are some mulches made with cotton waste which contain buttons & zips. These give very poor coverage and tend to form balls

BFMs and Flexterra

Bonded Fibre Matrix Mulches are made from blends of wood fibre and paper, typically 70% wood and 30% paper mixed with bonding agents such as Gypsum or polymers. This type of product is used when the surface is either very steep or it is difficult to get anything to stick.

They are great in the right application but expensive. They also have to be used up very quickly as they set. Talk to us about the different options.


There is very little to say about seeds apart from that we can supply any type that is available.

To see what is available have a look at the Phoenixamenity website.

A word about wild flowers, this type of seed mix needs considerable care when choosing because it takes 3-4 growing seasons before it develops. It needs very different management from normal grasses, primarily it only needs cutting once a year and is best sowed in the months of August to late October.


We use a 6:6:9 pre germination fertilizer which is in slow release pellet form.

To read more about hydroseeding click here!


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